About Ningxia

Ningxia is one of the cradles of Chinese ancient civilization.

Amazing Ningxia will help improve your travel experience by enabling you to hit the road easily and visit local scenic spots

As early as 30, 000 years ago, Ningxia was evidenced by the discovery of the early men who once lived here.

In 1038 AD, Li Yuanhao, leader of Dangxiang, established the Xixia Dynasty in Ningxia. Ningxia, since ancient times, has gained the fame of "An Oasis in the Hinterland".

Ten New landscapes of Ningxia

Ten new landscapes of Ningxia are mainly composed of cultural landscapes,

natural landscapes and construction achievements within Ningxia, including traditional historical and cultural landscapes,

well-known natural ecological landscapes, scenic spots of folk customs as well as contemporary achievements of civilization such as the achievements of modernization.

Ten new landscapes of Ningxia fully embody the regional characteristics of Ningxia and its cultural connotation, natural and harmonious beauty.

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