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Jinshadao Resort

No matter what purpose or idea you hold towards leisure, Jinsha Island, which is located at the core of the Tengger Desert Wetland, is a good place worth a visit. Jinsha Island, a place for leisure and romance, is always connected with some attractive words, such as, desert, lakes,  sea of flowers, cottages, romance and privacy etc.. Due to the natural scenery and cultural factors that cannot be copied, Jinsha Island becomes a typical resort, which is am integration of eco-tourism, sight-seeing, leisure and vacation as well as romantic experience as a whole. Jinsha Island is like a romantic and eternal leisure diary, which is worth looking over and appreciating again. Go to visit Jinsha Island and the happiness is at hand.

The seaside picture in the north beyond the Great Wall enjoys the charming scenery, which is made up of the golden and soft beach, the clear water in the lake, the winding plank road and vast green grass. Jinsha Island is special for its ability to create an atmosphere of restoring the original leisurely style where the bright sunshine and fresh air will guide you to feel the real charm of leisure and romance; the breathtaking beauty will suddenly burst out from the dream to run into your heart.

1450784216617061653.jpg1450866258346025310.jpgLavender / Flavor of love
Happiness is like lavender in Provence, which blossoms only once a year, and so it is true with the true love. In Jinsha Island, as long as you take a deep breath, you can see the miracle. The Oriental Provence in your imagination, actually, is lavender sea in the dream; the sky is filled with the fragrance of the lavender with the purple dreams and blossoming flowers in the air. When the wind blows, there will be the sweet fragrance. It is a solemn pledge of eternal love under the sky with the clean clouds. The lavender is quietly telling those romantic stories in the breeze, sunshine and fields. All of these constitute a breathtaking picture of lavender sea. When you stay at the sea, you are sure to be able to feel the transcendental romance and passion.


1450866293505085039.jpgVilla / Castle in Fairy Tale

The unique leisure there cannot be copied. Each person constitutes a world. Indeed, Jinsha Island does have the beauty we cannot take into consideration, for example, the simple and elegant leisurely temperament it has. Here lies the first high-end European-style wooden villas in Northwest China where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to integrate yourself into the nature. And to sleep here in the evening can help you soothe the nerves and be good for sleep. In the villa there are humanistic leisure facilities, including the leisure bed, lounge chairs and nest. In addition, there are also the quiet woods, mirror-like lakes, wooden villas, green meadows, birds’ singing, flowers and clean beaches. All of these are the most appropriate feelings Jinsha Island gives to us.   


1450866344341047346.jpgSports / Wild and Quiet
It is the unique sports with the integration of people and landscape. The beautiful things are not necessarily dynamic, however, the dynamic things are surely beautiful. “Jinsha Island” tourism resort is characterized by sports and leisure. In this resort there are many recreational items, such as swimming, fishing, barbecue, beach volleyball, beach soccer, amphibious car, sightseeing kayak, zorb ball on the water and field battle in the forest. It is a good place for relaxing yourself. After experiencing the thrilling sports, you can make a pot of goji berry tea for pouring to enjoy it leisurely, and you will find that time is flying quietly.


未标题-1.jpgDelicacy / Taste Bud Temptation
The natural food will be tempting you. The eco-restaurant in Jinsha Island includes chickens, ducks, fish, beef and lamb which are taken from the original wetland ecological breeding base of the Tengger Desert, while its green vegetables are collected from the greenhouse in the desert. As a result, Jinsha Island truly enjoys the dining features of “selected materials with natural and green elements”.

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